Causes of Anxiety in Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can experience anxiety and stress for as many reasons humans have. Often, causes of anxiety in dogs are obvious however sometimes it is hard to track the reason. If ever determining the cause is hard for you, there are certain triggers that will help you determine the cause of the problem. Always pay attention to your pet if this is the case, so that you can help!

There are 2 most common anxiety that can be experienced by a man’s best friend.

1. Separation Anxiety

Just like a kid, your dog can be stressed when left alone. If ever you notice that your dog is calm but changes behavior when you leave it for 5 minutes or more, then perhaps your dog is experiencing separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a very common condition. Dogs don’t really like when they are left alone most of the time. As it has been known for long now, a dog is a man’s best friend which means dogs are just in need of social connection just like us humans.

However, in some cases, older dogs experience separation anxiety due to their understanding in cognitive matters that is declining which is called old-age-onset separation anxiety.

There are certain ways to help dogs with anxiety and one way to do that is to simply take them for a walk. Sometimes giving them a toy when you want to focus on something else also works.

To help a dog with separation anxiety, take them for a walk before you leave, give them a stuffed treat toy to keep them busy, don’t make a big deal about coming and going, or try using one of these natural ways to help a dog with anxiety. Sometimes, all you really need to do to help your dog handle anxiety is to maintain an environment or routine that is consistent in order to avoid possible triggers that can alleviate their stress and anxiety levels.

2. Illness-induced Anxiety

When your dog has an illness or disease and is normally not an anxious dog in the first place, this might be what your dog is experiencing.

There are pretty common causes when it comes to this anxiety type.

*Hypothyroidism: When your dog is lethargic or sleeps and lays down all day and is experiencing weight gain with a lot of hair loss, your dog probably has hypothyroidism.

*Thryrotoxicosis: This disease involves the immune system and is also known as Grave’s disease. This disease also includes the thyroid glands.

*Encephalitis: This disease involves the brain tissues experiencing swelling or inflammation and can lead to seizures or worse coma. If your dog is experiencing this kind of problem then he will surely show behaviors of anxiety as well.

These two are some of the most common cause of anxiety when it comes to dogs. If you are not sure of the cause, always make sure to observe the situation in order to know the first steps to do. If ever you are looking for a medication that can help, CBD for dogs is known to help in situations like these. Check on and help your dog get back to his feet!

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